How Introverts and Extroverts Study Differently

Midterm season is upon us— and that means lots and lots of studying. Different study strategies work for everyone, but what about introverts and extroverts?

Turns out, certain study habits may be more effective for introverts than extroverts, and vice versa.

For instance, a recent BBC News video showed that introverts typically don’t study as well with music.

Psychologist Victoria Williamson explains that, in contrast to extroverts, “[Introverts] have a higher level of energy within them. So, they don’t seek a lot of stimulation from the environment because they’re already close to their optimum level of performance.”

Extroverts may be energized by music while studying.

Thus, external stimulation like music could be distracting to an introvert and hinder their performance while studying.

Cal Poly psychology major Alexandra Bush confirmed that too much external stimulation can overwhelm introverts while studying.

“In my personality class, we learned how extroverts study [well] in open areas areas with lots of people, while introverts have to be alone in a secluded area.

So the jury is out: music is not a good study tool for introverts. However, this totally doesn’t stop me from blasting Spotify while studying. Sorry BBC News, I need my jams.


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