Traveling as an Introvert

Devon Van Dyke/CSU Stanislaus Freshman/Business Major

When people think of introverts, they often associate us with always having our nose in a book, skipping parties, hating small talk, keeping to ourselves, etc.

While these attributes may be true for some introverts, others find delight in a surprising hobby: travel.

I recently started traveling more with my friends– one of my most recent adventures was going to Bodega Bay for a weekend. Navigating an unfamiliar area and exploring new sights was a great experience. 

Introverts make amazing travelers because we feel everything very deeply, pay attention to details, and see beauty where others might not. 

Travel blogger Bren explains, “As an introvert travel has a deeper impact on you because you naturally observe, and see, and think. You take the time to take it all in. For one, the long train ride is a time to crack jokes and talk about themselves; for the other, it’s a time to observe and pull apart about the country flashing before them.”

I believe that’s what introversion truly is at its core: feeling life deeper than anyone else. While others are busy chatting on their phones, we’re taking in the beauty of the world around us.

It’s true that traveling involves things that may be uncomfortable for introverts: small talk, asking for directions, meeting strangers.

But if we can just nudge out of our comfort zones a bit, the experience of travel will reward us with a lifetime of memories, growth, and adventures. 

Just don’t forget to pack headphones.


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