Introverted Students Prefer Online Discussion

A study at Pennsylvania State University says that introverts are more likely to participate in classroom discussions through online discussions, Dan Carnevale of The Chronicle of Higher Education explains.

Carnevale writes, “Edward J. Glantz, a doctoral student and instructor at Penn State’s School of Information Sciences and Technology, says more people break out of their shells online.”People who were not comfortable speaking up in class were very comfortable speaking up in a chat room,” he says. “People were very vocal.”

This should come as no surprise, honestly. The introvert community is strong online, with many of us retreating to Tumblr or Reddit after a long, draining day of working with people in real life.

The internet age we currently live in, no matter how social media-driven, isn’t just for extroverts. For introverts, the internet has unleashed something amazing: the power of anonymity.

In this study, “students [said] that they felt more comfortable speaking in a chat room than in a classroom because of the perceived anonymity, even though their names appeared online.”

Many introverts would love to share their ideas, but feel too nervous. Online discussions allow them to speak their minds from the comfort of their computer screens. That opens up a world of opportunities.



One thought on “Introverted Students Prefer Online Discussion

  1. I found this post to be really intriguing! Although I would consider myself an extrovert, I have to agree that I also feel more comfortable voicing my opinion in an online discussion, rather than a standard classroom setting. This is an interesting idea and I wonder how it would work if more teachers adopted a learning style like this.


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